29 Jan Contemporary Art by Julie Richey and Nuova Selas

Here is the wonderful work of art created by the skilful Texan artist Julie Richey on the occasion of  the First International Symposium of Contemporary Mosaic.

“My mosaic work uses the innate opulence of materials tiles in 24k gold, marble, semi precious stones to embellish sculptural forms in unexpected manners. My art is influenced by political and environmental issues and I like the challenge represented by the use of an ancient art to express  provocative contemporary concepts.
Alluvium is a fantasy landscape that reflects an undeniable history:  nature and human civilization, water and time are elements that work together one with the other and one against the other. In Friuli, especially in Aquileia, layers of history were created, destroyed, covered with other construction projects, revealed and hidden again. Certainly, future generations will rediscover and reinterpret these fascinating images, but perhaps with a new and different perspective, based on facts still unknown to us today.

-Julie Richey-