1998The passage from father to son brings a deep renovation to the company and from the blend between S.E.L.A.S craftsmanship and the most modern manufacturing methods the company NUOVA SELAS takes shape.
Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and machinery, the production process has a strong development and the products – nowadays mostly used in the contract sector – considerably improve in terms of quality, comfort and strength.
NUOVA SELAS has also been able to stand out thanks to the creation of its own collection with a completely modern and innovative style in cooperation with renowned designers.

1982Company S.E.L.A.S. was founded as a small handicraft company specializing in the production of classic and rustic chairs.
Since then for over 30 years it has never stopped growing and has become today an established company specializing in the contract sector with a wide range of products distributed worldwide.

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What can NUOVA SELAS offer to its customers?

WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: the flexibility of this young and dynamic company together with the attention to new trends has allowed the continuous introduction of new models covering a wide range from modern to rustic style which suites all tastes.

QUALITY & DESIGN: these are the keywords of our philosophy. Our main target is to achieve the highest level in terms of functionality, strength and design. Our products are 100% Made in Italy and every step of production is carefully monitored by our team, from the selection of the materials to the last finishings.

COMFORT: a product is excellent when it can be good looking and at the same time both comfortable and functional. For NUOVA SELAS quality is not possible without comfort.

CUSTOMIZATION: NUOVA SELAS gives the possibility to customize its own products assisting the customer in the selection of the finishing which can also be done with customer fabric and stain color samples. We also manufacture bespoke products on customer request.

SHORT DELIVERY TIMES: thanks to the large number of raw frames held in stock we can satisfy any inquiry in a short time.

CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: NUOVA SELAS has always been sensitive to the environment. All the materials used are controlled and environmental friendly.